Leading exporter of products like PSA Oxygen Gas Plant, PSA Ammonia Cracker Unit, PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant, Nitrogen Generator, Nitrogen Plant, Hydrogen Gas Plant, Oxygen Gas Plant, etc.!
PSG Engineers Co. was established in 2017 to dominate the Gas and Air market. PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant, Nitrogen Generator, Nitrogen Plant, PSA Oxygen Gas Plant, PSA Ammonia Cracker Unit, Hydrogen Gas Plant, Oxygen Gas Plant, and many other products are manufactured and exported by our company in large quantities. We remain the market leader in this industry with our cutting-edge technology, creative ideas, and top-notch quality. Through a cost-effective method, our business focuses on the requirements of the customers.  We have been able to expand our brand reach thanks to the invaluable advice of Mr. Yogesh Sharma. His intellectual prowess and visionary approach motivate us to foresee the demands of the markets to be the chosen entity. We are in a top position in the market for the reasons listed below:

  • Our products are compliant with global standards.
  • Modern facilities for manufacturing and designing.
  • All connected fittings and piping are provided.
  • Gas plants are inspected, installed, erected, tested, and commissioned at any location.
  • The staff receive training for plant commissioning and construction.
  • Exceptionally competitive pricing
  • Excellent customer support 

We provide products that can be customised and are made in India. In our 6+ years of operation, we have demonstrated unmatched excellence and expansion. Our system is secure enough to deliver a constant, round-the-clock gas supply through the product line, suitable for various uses. In terms of product development and identifying a practical way to satisfy customer needs, our company never loses sight of its customers. It is a privilege for us to manufacture products for our clients that are equally high-quality and cost-effective.

Our Quality

Our top priority is quality, and we are constantly looking for new ways to raise it. Our processes are governed by the quality norms that have earned us ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our high-quality processes and products set us apart from our low-priced and subpar competitors. Our unwavering conviction will lead us to a future of ongoing success.

Our Performance 

To ensure that our clients are happy, we perform and work productively. Our products, such as Air Dryers, Air Tanks, Control Valves, etc., can function for a long time with minimal overhaul. Another metric of our performance is the effectiveness of our processes. Through ongoing R&D, we keep the efficiency of our plants up. Only when our plants and machines function well in accordance with the demands of our customers, in our opinion, can we be sure of securing a top position in the industry.

We Innovate

Our future is in the hands of innovation. We invest a lot of time in research and development to ensure that our procedures, techniques, and technology continue advancing. Innovation entails continuous cost reduction through engineering technologies, more efficient sourcing and improvements to the performance of our plants. Our global production of innovative products is accelerated by the path.

Our Customers

Our Molecular Sieves, Industrial Chemicals, Dew Point Transmitters, and other products are purchased by the following sectors:

  • Reliance Industries Limited
  • GAAR
  • Shree Enterprises
  • Adani Power
  • Jindal
  • Nova Iron & Steel Ltd.
  • Sterlite Power
  • IPL
  • BMW Industries Ltd.
  • Aarti Industries Limited

Our Reputation

We have a reputation and have spent the last six years building one client at a time. We are aware of the high cost of alienating even one customer. Complete customer satisfaction with our products results from our approach to product development.

Our Strengths

  • 10+ Years of Experience
  • 150+ Clients
  • 200+ Plants Installation
  • 20+ Skilled Engineers
"We Deal In Local Area"
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